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  • Do I feel like I am working harder, but earning less?
  • Am I taking adequate steps to prepare for my retirement?
  • Do I feel my office workflow can be improved?
  • Are my overhead expenses draining my profitability?
  • Am I spending too much time with the day to day business details?
One sure answer is MedExec:
MedExec is a Colorado based comprehensive practice management firm serving physicians to provide them a competitive edge.  The service is unique to the medical industry.  Most services look only at your accounting and bookkeeping.  MedExec focuses on comprehensive and practical team management of financial staff resources designed to improve overall business effectiveness.  The MedExec consultant provides continual evaluation, review and makes recommendations to enhance your practice's growth and profitability.  MedExec develops awareness of the practice's potentiality through this continued consulting commitment.

Your goals.  MedExec recognizes each physician has personal goals as well as goals for their practice.  These goals must be affectively communicated and integrated into the goals and objectives of the practice.
Benefits of MedExec:
  • Greater ease of practice
  • Increased earnings through expense control and income improvement
  • More free time for leisure and/or professional development - Less time spent on the business aspects of the practice through more effective practice management
  • Effective growth through strategic planning
  • Newer offices and equipment through improved availability of cash resources
  • Independent consultants not associated with any insurance, accounting book keeping, billing, medical supply or computer software companies
  • Fee Basis - You are only charged for the work performed, not a percentage of your income and profits
  • Guaranteed personal and confidential service
So whether your practice is growing, stagnant or declining, thinking of adding a new partner, opening a new location or closing an old one, whatever your present situation or future goals, MedExec can help.  Contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

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